Now it’s more rewarding than ever to choose products from FMC.

FMC is more than just a trusted product provider. We created FMC True Champions programs to provide you with valuable Product Rewards and Business Building Solutions, as well as to demonstrate our Industry Commitment.

Click the ENROLL button above, choose your primary market, and start earning rewards.


  • To qualify, the participating end-user purchase(s) must meet the minimum purchase requirements outlined in the applicable program.
  • Product must be purchased through an authorized FMC distributor or agent within the applicable program period.
  • All sales are final and FMC does not accept returns.
  • Rebates will be issued based upon reported sales from the FMC authorized distributor or agent. Copies of invoices may be requested to verify actual product purchases if FMC cannot verify the purchase through electronic data received directly from the FMC authorized distributor or agent. Rebate amounts displayed by the online calculator tool are estimates only.
  • This program applies only to qualified end-user professionals. FMC reserves the right to evaluate the eligibility of all enrollees on a case-by-case basis.
  • Qualified and confirmed enrollees will receive a rebate on the total units purchased during the specified time period. Unless explicitly allowed by FMC, the True Champions program cannot be combined with any other FMC rebate programs or discounts being offered.
  • Sales between multiple end users cannot be combined to earn higher rebates.
  • Rebates will be calculated based on the rebate structure of either our Early Order Program or our Dynamic Rewards Program. FMC program administration will be responsible for completing final calculations. All decisions will be final.
  • Taxes on earnings are the responsibility of the program participant.

FMC reserves the right to change any or all features associated with this announcement at any time. The content on this web site is not a contract.


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